School 3 phases during 5 years

$16,000 USD each phase Total $48,000 USD MIC

This is the core project of the MIC, which will offer free education to more than a hundred children between the age of 4 to 15 (with a possibility of 3 years extension for the green labour skill workshop) following the most sustainable recommendations. Each phase will contemplate 4 classrooms, where the children will learn the official education curriculum of the Uganda government, plus our 3 extra values; A sustainable perspective of the environment in every aspect of life. A wide range of multicultural values (respect, responsibility, empathy, social commitment, gender equality, among others). And useful labour skills from the green business programmes, where they will be able to specialise in one of their election during their last 2 years.

Shelter house

$5,000 USD MIC

This project will be a multipurpose spread section which will serve as an accommodation for volunteers abroad, who will help us in every step of the MIC Centre and are the fundamental power of the engine. In another area we will find the storage room, of the school material, business programmes and food supply.


$2,300 USD MIC

For this project we are looking to provide the MIC Centre with their indispensable latrine area divided in two section according to gender. Which will serve as a basic source of sanitisation and health of the children, thus community of the region.


$ 5,000 MIC

This project have the idea to offer children a safe free public transport to the MIC Centre, due in some cases the kids have to walk several kilometres to reach the school. Besides that, the road is not safety recommend it for a kid. In a future scenario we are planning to make field trips with the kids, (factories, theatres, sustainable businesses, local schools...) from part of the programmes.

Bakery project

$ 8,200 MIC

Under this project the children will learn how to bake cookies, cakes, wholemeal bread, among others needed products for the community. Currently the locals of the village have to travel various kilometres to other towns to find these products, which are also bought and transport from distant cities.


$1,350 MIC

Poultry; On this programme the children will learn the importance and the less harmful path to raise farm animals, particularly poultry. The purpose of the animals will be to use their derivates like eggs to carry on the bakery project and for auto consumption. The children will also have the opportunity to learn and understand the life cycle of an animal and the raise methods.


For the agriculture section the MIC Centre will grow crops for auto consumption and the rest for sell to cover regular expenses. From another side, our experience farmers will also teach the children the whole process of agriculture, the benefits, efficient methods, and organic techniques. At the same time, offering the opportunity for those kids who would like to specialise in this field.


$5,500 MIC

This workshop will be for the graduated children of 15 years old who will be interested in learning the skill of tailoring with sustainable materials, to create handcrafts, clothes and more. On the top of that, the children will receive the basic lessons of business to be aware of their possibilities, strategies, and financially independent to even become eco entrepreneurs in with their own ideas.


$ 4,500 MIC

The intention of this project is to learn the production techniques to create brick with sustainable material like; recycled plastic bottles, banana leaves... And owning 2 or 3 machines being able to provide of these final products to the community.

Mat/rug weavers $ 3,500 MIC

Under this project the children will specialise in create mats from recycled plastic straws and rugs of banana stem. Extremely abundant products and for Uganda particularly and fortunately the second one. Both raw materials are currently being wasted in tons every year, but following the steps of previous environmental entrepreneurs, MIC Centre will create a workshop for these productions.

Agriculture courses Pending.. MIC

This educational programme will focus in teaching the sustainability and efficiency of organic farming to international students. The length of each course could go from 2 or 3 weeks for a theorical/practical course according to the expertise level our student would like to reach. The lessons will be delivered by our local experience farmers directed from our senior professional Robert in the MIC Centre during the holiday school periods (January, May, August). After this experience the students will be able to replicate al the techniques in every part of the world, no matter the soil, materials, or weather. This course aims to give the opportunity to apply the knowledge within your own work area.

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