Donate a well

Access To Clean Water Transforms Lives, Creates Opportunities And Lays The Foundations To A Brighter Future. Be Part Of The Solution.

Build a school

    Miles of Smiles nursery a school with an initiative of caring, educating and Improving the standard of living children between ranges of 6 months to 8 years. This is because it’s the most vulnerable group in the community. The project intends to help children especially in the district of Uganda, where education has prevailed most. The project’s objectives are based on caring, educating and empowering vulerable Children for a better future, hence increasing social and economic developments in the region and Uganda at large.

Art and craft Project

    Crafts: these include:- sandals for all age and sex groups; hand bags made out of beads, wood, palm leaves, sisal, papers, banana-fibre, fabrics and backcloth; carvings from wood, soap, stones, malakite stone and ceramics. There are drums (jembe drums and others); baskets from central and western Uganda; mats, table mats, key rings, knives, fridge magnets and many others. Jewellery: these take the form of earings, braceletes, bangles and necklaces. They are made out of beads, papers, malakite stone, bone, coconut, cowhorn, ebony wood, brass, copper, ametite, shells and others. Clothings: there is a wide selection of African pants with different prints such as animal prints. Others are Uganda Jazzes; printed and embroidery T-shirts, hand-woven shirts, mama & paper shirts, wrappers, scarves and Kikoi. African fabrics (bitengi materials), masaai blankets & children’s wears, skirts, dresses and hair bands and so many others. Paintings and batiks include weather guard paintings, oil paintings and acrylics paintings. There are also original batiks, wash batiks, mozaic batiks and acrylics batiks.

Gift a chick

    Chickens are beneficial to every family as they provide high protein food through their meat and eggs. Any surplus eggs can be sold in the community for an income. Chickens are a particularly good option for orphans as they’re easy to manage and need little space. Their droppings make great compost for thriving crops.

Sponsor a Child

Manywa initiative for children

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