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Are you Looking for positive life change experience? Would you be happy to share your time and knowledge to help thousands of children/families in Uganda? Are you ready to transform the life of vulnerable children in one of the poorest countries in the world? You can completely change the world of many kids, you already made the first step, now you can continue this wonderful journey below.

If you ever wondered how it will be to be surrounded by a completely different culture, discovering new flavours, smells, styles and traditions, and on the top of that being a volunteer helping very vulnerable communities this is the trip of your life! Coming to “The pearl of Africa” Uganda to volunteer and discover the exciting African vibe. You will have enough time to travel, explore every corner full of colours, nature, and exotic animals. We are sure you will enjoy every step from of this experience! Come as a volunteer and join us for an incredible unique journey.

Throughout the year, we are seeking dedicated men and women who are motivated for the cause and gain a unique experience helping needed children in the field. Get involved in a multicultural environment, learn wise and ancient techniques from locals, share your perspective of the world, and together grow as one! After this experience, you will become part of a selective group of people who had made a positive impact on the world from the root and we are a happy family that is still in touch to continue learning & sharing! We would love to receive your support and the kids cannot wait to meet you.

Living and working at our Manywa Initiative for Children in the Center of Uganda, 50 km from the Masaka town, volunteers are directly involved in implementing an innovative approach to provide an education to vulnerable children through sustainable development of the community, with business skill projects to make the graduates financially independent at the end of their courses.

As part of our mission to bring a different group of diverse people together, our international volunteers combine forces with local staff in organising and implementing the vision of MIC. Aiming to guide the children in a path of responsibility, prepare them for the modern world and create professional graduates with professional education and the knowledge/experience of a relevant skill for the sustainable labour market.

Despite the vulnerable conditions in Uganda, we have stood our ground since 2018 and we have had the support of many international volunteers, also in times of Covid-19. The youth we serve is in need, today more than ever. We apply special precautions not to spread the coronavirus and keep our volunteers safe and secure, but we continue operations. We are recruiting volunteers for a wide range of more than 10 different categories.

For further details, please have a look at the call for applications to your right. Please download the detailed information file and form for submitting your application or your proposal. All further steps are indicated in the forms.

Would You love to volunteer but can’t make the trip to Uganda? No worries!! There are many options where you can help us from home!!

  • Online volunteering (help us from home, we have different roles) (link)
  • Adopt the cause, follow, commit, and share it with the world. Be an ambassador for the voiceless. (link social media)
  • Become a key point of the MIC education and donate for your preferred project! (link donation)
  • Send us a proposal collaboration to achieve a specific goal! (link email)
  • Or go even further and mark all the above!!

For the online volunteering... We ask for your understanding that we have to stick to a couple of criteria for the selection of our volunteers for the virtual team of MIC. Most notably, we have to insist on a highly motivated attitude, some experience in the relative expertise area, and availability to work independently/professionally to create a commitment with MIC. In Uganda, we are still facing so many problems to connect virtually with the world that makes our work very difficult to manage from this area. Some days there are energy cuts during days, so we do not have electricity to charge our electronic devices. We also have to deal with the bad internet signal, the high costs, and the restrictions from the government of many websites and social media platforms. Therefore, we would love to receive your support from abroad to help us managing our virtual impact on the world, being one of the main reasons why we had achieved our goals. We do not have any overhead staff. All those supporting our work abroad are volunteer members. Here some ideas of what you can do:

Partnership writer/analyst

Community manager

Web site designer

Graphic designer

Media editor

For more details, please download the volunteers’ general information file. If you meet the requirements and will be happy to contribute to the cause, please fill the application form and send it as soon as possible! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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